Can I record your show?

YES! Please feel free. If you do take video, we ask that you put it on YouTube so that we can see it, too! We have no problem whatsoever with taping at our shows.

What if I just want audio?

Go for it. Record, share, hang it from the rafters for the cats to play with.

How do I listen to these on my iPad?

The name of each song is now a direct link to the music file, so you can play them on your Apple device or just download them directly!

We are aware that those using Apple products cannot use the media player above. We are working on this, and if you have any suggestions for free web-based medie players that don't use Flash, please email us. However, in the meaintime, the title of each demo below has been turned into a direct link for that song which will allow you to go to the demos directly. So listen to them, download them, burn your own Cd's and put them in your car. Or give them out to people!


Dining Room Living Room
Child of Stars
World Walker
Out of the Light
Calvin's Girl
Child of Stars (pre-bridge)
Stream of Consciousness
Kitchen The Ceiling
Follow that Road
Swamp Witch
Daughter of the Red
Widow's Garden
World Walker
Halloween 2012 LIVE Trick or Treat
She Moved Through the Faire - LIVE
Haunted - LIVE
The Narrow Way - LIVE
Corvus - LIVE
Widow's Garden - LIVE
Spring! No, really! Summertime, and the filking is easy...
A Song About Fog
Masters of Library Science
Witch In Your Story by Susan Weiner
Village By The Sea by Susan Weiner
Single White Monster
By Way of the Houseplant
11 to 12
Circus of Dreams
Don't Look Now