Throughout our travels, we've been lucky enough to play with some of our best friends...

Each an incredible musician in their own right...

Each bringing their own unique voice and style to what we do, breathing into it a new color, a new shade...

Susan Weiner

We were looking for fiddler to play with us locally a couple years ago, and so we started scouring Craig's List for anyone around. We came across as ad that was beyond intriguing! Celtic, gothic, Klezmer player? Oh this we had to see. And so, we started talking, found out she lived just 2 blocks away, and we scheduled our initial session to see if this would mesh. Susan walked into our home wearing a BosCon t-shirt. Over the course of the next few minutes, we all realized how many mutual friends we shared! And then she played. And Played. and played some more. and we really didn't need to look any further for the fiddler we wanted. When we announced that we indeed had found our new fiddler, one of our mutual friends said something to the tune of, "Oh, good! I was hoping you guys would find each other!" ....would it have killed you to TELL US THIS? But alas, all things must end, even the truly good ones. Susan has now moved off to Chicago, and we play with her whenever possible. She helped define the sound of our first two albums, and for this we are eternally grateful.

Andy Anda

Eric and Andy met at a Minneapolis convention some years ago. Eric's introduction to the enigmatic player was in circle one evening. Eric began to play a certain song in DADGAD, and suddenly a fiddle was happening behind him. Deep and soulful, playful and high, the two danced around each other before truly meeting. Thus, the Eric and Andy Show began. Eric and Andy played many times together over the years, and as Cheshire Moon came into being, Andy drifted in and out of our sound like a whisp of cloud. A cloud of puns. Horrible, awful, hysterical puns. There's a reason why Andy always has a mic on stage. If we have to suffer, so do you!

Sunnie Larson

A siren whose call we couldn't resist. Just before heading to Conflikt out in Seattle, we asked if there was a fiddle player who might be able to sit in on our show. The answer was unanimous: Sunnie. And so we reached out to her, sent her all the things, and finally met her for the first time when we arrived. We sat down to go over the show with her just hours before the performance, and we simply had no idea the faerie we had joined forces with. We barely made it 8 bars into each song before realizing just how amazing she would be. And indeed, the sparkle she brought to our music still brings a smile to our faces. We hope to play with her again on our next trip to the west coast.

Amy McNally

Though she has only played with us on one recording, Amy adds a bounce and reel to our work that can't be denied. But soon, we will bring her back to the darkside, where the scotch is dark, the tunes are darker, and the siren song of her fiddle flows free across the din.

Katt McConnell

Once Katt and Lizzie bonded over the shared belief that princesses don't need to be saved and the darkest woods hold the most fun, it wasn't long before Wax Chaotic and Cheshire Moon began ebbing and flowing into one another's shows. Katt's drumming slips into our shows whenever possible, and the Critters always dance to her beat!

Beth Kinderman and Justin Hartley

A fine pair of player characters from Minneapolis, their drums gives a spine to our music that it meant to be danced to. So if you find them on stage with us, prepared yourself. Your dancing shoes may be calling!