Can I get these things at your shows?

Absolutely! Come track us down at a show or a convention and come say hi and gets stuff and bits to your heart's content. Hugs are always free.

Can I order something and pick it up at a convention?

For something like this, please email us here: We cannot guarantee that we will still have, say, a shirt in your size, but we will do what we can.

The Midnight Contingent - $15

The Midnight Contingent, Acoustic Sessions - $15

The Midnight Contingent, Full Band & Acoustic Sessions - $25

Winter EP 2016 - $5

Summer EP 2104 - $5

All Proceeds benefit InterFilk.

Crowes & Consequences CD- $15

Ways of Wind and Water CD - $15

WoWaW and Crowes & Consequences - $25

The Lot - 4 full-length CD's, 3 Ep's plus 1 Free - $55

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