Recording and Mixing & Mastering by Donna Miller at The Record Mill in Ames, IA


Crowes and Consequences

Release date:

Nov. 1, 2013

Crowes and Consequences!

It's here!!!

With special thanks to Shawna Jaques for this amazing cover art, Matt Hawk for bringing our Critters to wonderful life on paper, and to each and everyone who donated to the IndiGoGo campaign, boosted signal, or just plain sent good thoughts, it's finally here!! A new step on this amazing journey, and you can get yours right HERE!


I'm a crowe without words. You guys are absolutely amazing. We met our goal with hours to go, all thanks to you! Now, we're up and running, getting everything scheduled and getting all our crowes in a row! This is going to be FUN!

It's HERE!!!

*jumping up and down doing happy crowe dance, Eric looking on with a knowing Grin, Susan looking at me with a smerk and a raised eyebrow, as if to say, 'she's at it again...'* That's right! Ways is here and now! And you can order yours right HERE!


Capricious felines and all, it's finally off to press! That's right, Lizzie is going to be sitting in front of the front door for the next three weeks waiting for the box to arrive! Well, not really, because if she did she'd be fighting for warm spots with a certain Maine Coon, and we all know how well THAT would go...


Barring incidents of a feline nature, we should have the finished shiny thingies for Minneapolis Pagan Pride! We are going to try and get the Ropers copies for Chicon as well, but it all depends on when they arrive. *promptly shakes rattle of doom* Shirts are already here! And Kickstarter rewards are being knit with all speed!


We're done! At long last, we have everything tracked and we are ready to mix the last of things. To much gratitude to Isaac Norman and Donna Miller. You guys are amazing to work with and we thank you for everything you have done to whip us into shape.


We cannot begin to say how grateful we are. 106 backers, 13 on our last day alone. $3,550, $550 above our original goal. Thank you to everyone who donated, boosted signal, anything and everything you guys did has helped us. Thank you for believing in us, in this. We will do our best to be worthy of this much love.