Recording and Mixing & Mastering by Donna Miller at The Record Mill in Ames, IA


The 52 songs Project

Release date:

Nov. 1, 2013

The 52 Songs Project

An album over a year in the making, we took up a challenge to write 52 songs in 52 weeks. Thanks to the support of our patrons on Patreon, and those who pre-ordered the album (THANK YOU!!!!!) we have presented here the best of the year. Some of the others will appear on other upcoming projects, but as far as 2017 goes, here's what we have. And you can come see what it's all abount HERE!

The Midnight Contingent

A full-on extravaganza. With additional players for a fuller, richer feel, this album takes our latest batch of work and blows it into the stratosphere. And you can join in the fun right HERE!

The Midnight Contingent, Acoustic Sessions

A portrait of our stage show. It's not LIVE, but it does portray how we are when it's just Eric and Lizzie, up on stage doing our thing.And you can get yours right HERE!

Crowes and Consequences!

With special thanks to Shawna Jaques for this amazing cover art, Matt Hawk for bringing our Critters to wonderful life on paper, and to each and everyone who donated to the IndiGoGo campaign, boosted signal, or just plain sent good thoughts, it's finally here!! A new step on this amazing journey, and you can get yours right HERE!

Ways of Wind and Water

*jumping up and down doing happy crowe dance, Eric looking on with a knowing Grin, Susan looking at me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow, as if to say, 'she's at it again...'* That's right! Ways is here and now! And you can order yours right HERE!