Crowes and Consequences

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All of the Critters can at last be named! There are, at this time, ten. Buttonhole, Dust Bunny, Esler, Pickles, Taka, Whizzer, Magdeline T. Shrout, Furrigard, Orpheus, and Sparkle! Two shall appear at any given show. Come out and meet them!


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Once upon an evening stroll...

Cheshire Moon is the fanciful collaboration of trickster bird Lizzie Crowe and crazed magician Eric Coleman. What began as a simple joining of two talents in song circles, and occasionally during the mad-hatter antics of Eric Coleman on stage, whipped and frothed into the most likely of pairs. Ericís love of punk, folk and prog rock gives them an eerie, otherworldly sound, while Lizzie brings the voice of that otherworld to life in voice and verse. Then along came the lovely enigma known as Susan Weiner, who brought the wonders of the deep and the highs of soaring strings along with a voice as mellow and stirring as the wings through the folds of time.

Together they bring about a torrent that is as playful as it is lightly sinister, all wrapped up in a pretty little beribboned box. Do you dare to open it?

A dream is just a reality that you have not yet brought into being. What are you waiting for?

Just when we thought it was safe to go into the studio...

...three of our songs decided they need a lyric change. *sigh* Well, some things one simply cannot argue with, so we have three songs that will soon be available with slight lyrical changes. they are:


The more we performed this song, the more we realized that something was wrong. This song is based on the house of a friend of ours, and we weren't describing her correctly. So, the wording has changed a bit. We hope to have this recorded soon, along with the NEW CRITTERS. That's right, there are more. Be Afraid. Or get the popcorn because it's going to be a fun ride!

Calvin's Girl

There was one line that never sat right with us. Just one. Because really, it should be hot chocolate, not tea. The song, however, decided to go in a completely new direction, and the new line is ..."from high up in our tree." Because seriously, the 'no girls allowed' treehouse was always one of my favorite bits of the comic. So, it is changed.

Daughter of the Red

A minor change here. For this one, just off the bridge, the line was change from "a single smile against the night disappears, despite it all" to "But how is a raven like a writing desk, they're not alike at all." Yes, we know they both have quills and prioduce interesting prose, but the song decided and we're not going to argue.

If nothing else, we will have live recordings of some of these as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will hop back into the studio as soon as we can to get these three re-recorded. Thank you for your understanding, and please pay no attention to the bright red cat at your feet. Horrible lab accident. We ordered the spell to reverse the process, but it's not here yet.